How to Become Likable Online

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If you’ve spent some time in online communities, you probably know that there are some people that easily attract a large number of followers. Aside from popularity, this online likability can help you promote your brand and increase sales. Here are the top things that you can do to become likable online.

Use Humor

Regardless of if you are using Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube as your platform to deliver a message, using humor is an effective way of attracting followers who like you. People enjoy being entertained, so humor provides additional value to the information that you are delivering. Before you start using humor, think about your audience and adjust your charm accordingly. Wit and puns can take you a long way, but don’t overdo it.

Use Sarcasm Appropriately

If you are using text-based social media services like Twitter or Facebook, sarcasm is a risky area. Since sarcasm does not always translate well in the written word, it should be used minimally unless you’re a pro at making your written point clear.

Have Conversations

In order to get people to like you on social media, you need to engage in meaningful conversations about topics related to your product or industry. If you can help followers with an issue, they will appreciate it and reward you in one way or another. This can help improve your credibility and will set you apart from the individuals who isolate themselves from consumers.

No Hard Sells

When you converse with individuals on the internet, do not directly tell them to purchase your product or service. Your customers will come to you once you have established credibility and gained their trust. By engaging in hard sale tactics, you will turn off potential customers. Generally, internet users dislike advertisements, so respect people on the internet and engage with them like normal people. Once they feel you’ve established your credibility and provide some valuable insight, they will trust your brand.

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