5 Keys to Building Social Momentum

Business Social Networks for SEO in San Diego, CA

If your approach to social media is to dive in and hope for the best from every possible platform, you’re probably not getting the most out of your social media marketing strategy. Instead, build your audience one social network at a time by building sustainable social momentum.

1. Gain Insight

Identify the account that’s performing best with a Google Analytics report and concentrate your efforts on that platform. Take a closer look at that channel and ask yourself the following questions:

• How long does it take my content to be viewed or shared?
• Am I including trending topics related to my industry?
• What posts are generating the most comments?

2. Remove Frustrating Obstacles

Make it as easy as possible to get to the promised content. If, for instance, your social post is about a new blog on your website, take the user directly to the blog rather than a blog page with multiple titles they will have to scroll through.

3. Increase Awareness

Explore paid advertising on your chosen social media platform, which is typically affordable even for small businesses, as well as long-form native advertising to increase awareness of your content and brand. Adding paid advertising to your organic efforts will help you establish and grow your audience at a steady pace. As brand awareness increases you can always decrease or cease paid efforts.

4. Go Upstream with Influencers

Go beyond influencers likely to be inundated with requests and see who’s influencing them. See what links they’re including in their posts and focus your efforts on smaller influencers more likely to engage with you.

5. Build Social Proof

Show browsers that your content is relevant and interesting to the masses. As engagement increases, look for PR opportunities to build social proof and boost awareness as your content gets more attention with comments, links, and shares.

When you see engagement leveling off or declining with one channel, increase interest by adding another platform to the mix. While this approach to social interaction may be time-consuming and involve regular monitoring, you’ll appreciate the long-term results.

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