Tips on Increasing B2B Traffic within a Short Time Frame

Raising B2B Traffic in a Short Time Span in San Diego, CA

There’s constant competition when trying to sell to anyone online, especially when the potential customer is another business. Short-term tactics that can produce spikes in traffic are sometimes viewed as questionable by search engines. Highly targeted paid campaigns can be effective, but also expensive. However, there are a few ways to market your products to other businesses better and boost your B2B traffic. San Diego web design experts share a few tips on increasing B2B traffic exponentially within a short timeframe.

Check Out Your Competitors’ Content

Need a good starting point for increasing your B2B traffic? Check out your competitors’ top pages and their high ranking content (e.g. social posts and video content) to get an idea of how they’re targeting the same audience. Focus on:

  • Your competitors’ highest ranking keywords
  • The type of content that’s ranking well for them
  • High ranking keyword phrases your competitors are not using

Broaden Your Topics If Your Niche Is Too Narrow

Linkable assets can quickly become scarce if you are concentrating your efforts on a niche that’s too narrow. Broaden your topics and target a larger market by exploring more generic search terms that have higher search volumes. Focusing on broader topics makes it easier to secure links from relevant sources, which could also increase your visibility on Google.

Become a Trusted Resource for B2B Traffic

Broad appeal is great for increasing traffic exposure. However, it is hyper-relevant terms that attract B2B traffic. Use your knowledge of what online searchers are looking for to create useful content that builds credibility and improves brand awareness. Make this strategy work for you by:

  • Clearly identifying your target audience’s concerns so you’ll know what topics to focus on within your pages
  • Exploring possibilities with rich media (video, audio, and other elements that tend to encourage interaction more than text alone)
  • Working relevant keywords and terms naturally into your content
  • Properly optimizing on-page elements such as title tags, page speed, URLs, and images featured within your content

Email marketing campaigns with segmented mailing lists specific to unique content interests can also boost your B2B traffic, as can increased social media interaction. While most businesses concentrate their efforts on LinkedIn, Facebook has many features that can be just as effective at getting the attention of the target audience. As for tracking results, Google Search Console can be a one-stop source for the metrics you’ll need. Finally, don’t forget to pay attention to directories within your niche to kick your visibility up a notch.

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