How to Boost Your Click-Through Rate By Using Emojis

How to Boost CTRs Using Emojis in San Diego, CA

Studies suggest many consumers like brands that don’t take themselves too seriously. Millennials, in particular, feel more comfortable expressing emotions with images. Consumers also tend to appreciate online content with a human touch, and you can’t get more human than using visual expressions known as emojis. The specialists at Saba SEO, one of the best SEO companies San Diego has to offer, share a few tips on how to use emojis to increase click-through rates.

Narrow Down Your Emoji Preferences

There are thousands of emojis available for your consideration, but not all of them can boost your CTRs. A recent study showed that none of the top emojis that contribute to clicks are faces. In fact, emojis in the shape of horses, trains, fruit, and downward pointing fingers tend to get more attention from clickers. Opt for random, less common emojis that still reflect your brand and what you want to express visually.

Include Emojis in Your Email Campaigns

Nearly half of all consumers prefer to be contacted by email. There’s a lot of competition for recipient attention in inboxes these days, so make your emails stand out from the crowd with attention-getting emojis. Two separate studies on emails sent for Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day showed that those with lip and wrench emojis in promotional emails had higher open and read rates. Use emojis in your email campaigns to boost CTRs by:

• Using recognizable emojis to replace one or two words in subject lines
• Placing a relevant emoji at the end of subject lines to emphasize the subject and attract recipient attention
• Including images related to your preferred emoji within the email body to continue the visual theme and encourage clicks back to your website

Get Social with Your Emojis

Social media is a perfect platform for campaigns that include emojis. Facebook users alone exchange more than 50 million emojis daily. Research shows that even something as subtle as including an expressive image next to the call to action at the bottom of a social post can increase click-through rates. Here’s how you can use emojis with your social media content:

• Use available emojis on a particular platform or something that catches your eye on an emoji finder tool to find relevant images that fit your campaign
• Place one or two emojis in your social post headers to grab attention
• Insert emojis where appropriate in the message or near the link back to your site

Put Emojis in Your Meta Info

In early 2017, Google announced they were once again allowing emojis to show up on search results pages. Searchers can even perform searches with a single emoji and receive results related to that image. Take advantage of Google’s embracing of all things emoji-related by:

• Placing a few emojis in the meta titles for your various webpages
• Adding emojis to your meta descriptions
• Inserting the words related to your emojis in meta titles/descriptions to increase your odds of being included in emoji-related search results

Insert Emojis in Your Push Notifications

Use emojis to get the attention of mobile device users by including them in push notifications sent from your app. When used correctly, emojis can boost CTRs and in-app time by encouraging interaction with your business. A study showed that push notifications with emojis performed better than those with images. Here’s how you can include emojis in your push notifications:

• Choose your preferred push notification platform or software
• Add relevant emojis to your messages
• Use emojis to help recipients quickly identify the subject, visually present your message in a way that uses fewer words, or reinforce your message’s content

In the event you’re not sure if emojis will work for your business, do some A/B testing to compare similar content with and without emojis included. If there’s no significant difference with CTRs, emojis may not be right for your brand. In some cases, being more expressive in a casual way may not be appropriate, as may be the case with certain legal or medical content. On the other hand, if you notice a spike in CTRs when emojis are included, continue to look for creative ways to add some personality to your content.

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