How to Make Your Infographic Shine

Creating Infographics in San Diego,CA

One way to tell a story with your data while retaining the attention of increasingly click-happy browsers, who now have a shorter attention span than goldfish according to one study, is to use an infographic. By offering an instant glimpse of relevant facts and figures in a visually appealing way that’s easy to digest, a well-crafted infographic can be a powerful marketing tool.

1. Use an Attention-Grabbing Headline

First and foremost, San Diego digital marketing experts recommend checking keywords to see what’s trending for the topic of your infographic when putting together your short, eye-catching headline. Keep it relevant to what’s presented.

2. Have a Clear Design

Establish a logical connection between each section of your infographic to make it easy to follow. The graphics should clearly illustrate the stat presented within each section to increase comprehension. Further boost clarity by:

  • Limiting your color palette
  • Keeping height and width reasonable*
  • Presenting a hierarchy of information

*The standard is no more than 735 pixels wide and 5000 pixels tall.

3. Choose Thought-Provoking Topics

Do some brainstorming and come up with a list of possible infographic topics and narrow it down to the ones likely to get people thinking, reacting, and sharing. An effective infographic tells a story, elicits an emotional response, or answers an interesting question–and sometimes it does all three of those things.

4. Use Large Fonts

Think about how your infographic is likely to be viewed. If you post your infographics on visual social platforms like Pinterest or Instagram, for instance, you still want people to see enough to be interested, even in thumbnail view, so keep the fonts large enough to be readable from a distance.

5. Tie It All Together

Don’t leave your infographic open-ended. Wrap up your presentation of facts with a conclusion that ties together the facts presented and lets readers know what they’re supposed to take away from having read it.

Infographics can easily be shared by potential customers who find the facts and figures presented interesting and relevant, which can boost your brand’s reputation as a reliable source of information. Finally, make sure the info presented in your infographic is factually accurate, properly sourced, and current.

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