Instagram Threads App: Features, Origins, & Controversies

Despite being a Meta product rather than an Instagram one, much of Threads’s functionality as a social media platform is tethered to Instagram. Nobody can create a Threads account without an Instagram account. Furthermore, users must use their Instagram handles for their Threads accounts. While the platform’s mobile app is fully functional on Android and iOS devices, its web-based counterpart is less robust. Read on as the social media experts at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego SEO company, offer some interesting details about the Threads app.


Upon Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, several Meta employees suggested mimicking Instagram’s Notes. This research group also considered pursuing an independent text app, originally under the code name “Project 92,” and it seems this effort won out. Project 92 became Threads.

Work on Threads started in January 2023, with initial information trickling out in March. The Verge published the notes from an internal meeting of Meta employees in June. Further details about the app came out at the start of July, with the app making a prelaunch appearance in Apple’s App Store on July 3rd. The platform formally launched in 100 non-EU countries on July 5th. Members of the European Union must wait until the European Commission’s concerns regarding Threads’s approach to collecting and protecting its users’ data can be assuaged.


As it’s marketed as a Twitter alternative, users can create and share posts containing text, pictures, and videos that others can reply to, repost, and like. As visibility is based on Instagram presence with no way for users to connect to accounts they know and follow on Instagram, Threads mainly highlights accounts with high numbers on Instagram.


On July 5th, 2023, a letter was directed to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg from Alex Spiro, Twitter’s legal representative, alleging that Meta had scraped data and headhunted numerous Twitter employees possessing Twitter’s trade secrets. Meta denied this and asserted that no one from Twitter works on Threads.

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