Linking Content to Win the SEO Game

Linking Content for SEO Success in San Diego, CA

Your content is effective if it can be discovered by a receptive audience. This means you may have to link your content together to make it easier for searchers to discover it. For SEO purposes, content linking can be internal or external. The term also refers to placing links that lead back to more of your own content, as is often the case with social media posts. Experienced content marketers in San Diego share a few tips on how to add internal and external links to your content to boost your search rank.

Internal Links

With internal links, you’re linking content on one part of your website to other pages on the same website. Google likes this type of linking because it passes authority from one page of your site to another, encourages visitors to stay on your site longer, and increases your conversion potential. You can win the SEO game with internal links by:

  • Linking with relevant sentence fragments rather than specific keywords so your links appear natural
  • Placing internal links within content that has greater value to readers
  • Linking to internal pages likely to encourage conversions, such as product info pages

External Links

External links come from other sites that have linked back to yours. They’re important for SEO purposes because Google sees such links as a sign that your site is useful. Such links also imply your content has relevance for your intended audience. Ace the SEO game with external links by:

  • Contributing content to other blogs and websites within your niche to encourage linking
  • Reaching out to influencers within your niche to encourage linking back to your content
  • Checking who’s linking to your competitors to see if you can reach out to them with your own content

Links to More of Your Own Content

These are the links you use to connect your content across multiple online platforms. For instance, you may send out emails with links back to your website so recipients can get more information about what you’re offering. With social media posts, links allow you to direct followers back to your site without the need to be overly promotional or wordy.

As a reliable San Diego SEO firm, Saba SEO uses a combination of linking techniques to help businesses achieve positive SEO results. Our goal is to make it easy for searchers to access your content. We consistently track results to determine what’s working with your content linking efforts and where there’s room for improvement. Whether your content needs minor tweaks or a complete revamp, we’re ready to help you out. Call us at 858-951-1717 to schedule an appointment.