How the Internet of Things will Change Marketing

Internet of Things

To kick off Easter weekend, Amazon shared news of its latest invention, the “Dash Button” which has the potential to connect customers with products faster and with more convenience than ever before. The small button is connected to a home’s wireless internet network, and is programmed to automatically order more product, whether laundry detergent or coffee, when the customer runs out.

The Dash Button marks a potentially dramatic change for how day-to-day tasks will be performed. This type of technologically-advanced future, all intertwined via the internet, has been termed the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s becoming clear that it’s no longer just a buzzword used by internet marketers, but a very real part of our future.

Under the IoT concept, many aspects of day-to-day life will be dependent on the internet. In the business world, for instance, machines will automatically sense when certain products are too low, so managers and store owners never have to worry about placing shipments on time. This data can then be tracked on an ongoing basis, giving companies analytical data that can be examined to determine the success or failure of specific products. How long did product A stay on the shelf? Was product B only popular during a specific season?

With the rise of IoT and its related technologies, power is being placed in the hands of the customer. Along with personal preferences, they have technologies telling them which products may be better for their lifestyle. Smart appliances like washing machines may sense that a certain brand of detergent is better for overall functionality. There’s even talk about refrigerators being able to sense when favorite products are running low, creating a list for the owner that can then be emailed or sent to his or her smartphone.

For businesses and marketers, these types of smart products make it even more important to provide a quality product and create a loyal fan base. Let’s take a look at some of the examples we mentioned above. Perhaps a customer purchases a smart washing machine and also uses the Dash Button for one touch ordering of laundry detergent when they run out. If you manufacturer laundry detergent, it’s crucial to have a quality product that works well with all washing machine appliances. Then, if your laundry detergent is able to retain quality, one-touch reordering goes a step further and creates a customer that is practically guaranteed and brand loyal.

Businesses can anticipate and need to this change by differentiating their products from the competition, which will hopefully help in creating the best products for the customers, without cutting any corners. The IoT is on the horizon and has the ability to flip the world of marketing upside down.

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