4 Interview Questions to Ask Potential Content Marketers

Interviewing a writer in San Diego, CA

With content marketing on the rise, there are internet marketing agencies in San Diego of all shapes and sizes hiring content marketers and managers. Content marketing is a niche of its own, making it challenging to find just the right person to fill the role. If you’re looking for a person (or people) to fill content marketing roles, here are a few of the best interview questions to ask.

1. How do you adapt your tone, voice, and style?

While all writers have their own style of writing, part of being a content writer is being able to adapt to the company, audience, and desired format. Be sure to ask for specifics on their process.

2. How has your content been critiqued?

Chances are, no one is going to tell you they flew off the handle during a critique. Instead, watch for a shift in body language, listen for evasive language, and also pay attention to words and phrases that show this person is open to improvement and creative feedback.

3. How do you develop a content marketing strategy?

This will help you determine if the candidate can handle the position you have in mind for them. If they draw a blank, they might not be suited for a position that will involve a complete overhaul of your current system or implementing a new one.

4. How do you measure content success?

Any content marketer should be able to tell you what makes content successful. Listen for the interviewee to use words and phrases like “shares,” “retweets,” “traffic,” and “improved search engine ranking.” Follow-up by asking them to describe their own success with a piece (or pieces) of content.

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