Is Amazon a Good Sales Platform in 2022?

Is Selling On Amazon Worth It In 2022 in San Diego, CA

You may have been considering selling your products on Amazon for a while. You may even wonder if you missed the boat. Is selling on Amazon worth it in 2022? Here are some pros and cons, brought to you by the team at Saba SEO, one of the leading San Diego SEO companies.

Ease of Listing

If you already sell your products through your own website or other online sites, you may balk at the idea of adding more to your workload. The good news is that listing on Amazon is very simple. It takes a short amount of time to list your items and watch the sales add up.

Lack of Ownership

As a business owner, you’re used to making the rules. Therefore, it can be a challenge when a place like Amazon decides to change the rules. You’re not part of those decisions.


If you’re selling an item Amazon already offers, you don’t have to waste your time coming up with copy. That’s all done for you.

Seller’s Fees

While the sales can rack up pretty fast, so can the fees. You’ll be giving a percentage of your hard-earned cash to Amazon.


Although you’re saving money on copywriting costs, you’ll still be competing for business with other sellers offering the exact same merchandise.

Thin Profit Margins

To rise above your competition, you’ll need to reduce your cost per item. This means a smaller profit margin.

Expansion to Foreign Markets

Have you been dreaming of expanding your business to foreign markets? With Amazon, you can easily do this. Best of all, it won’t make a dent in your marketing budget.

Difficulty Getting Product Reviews

Your business will rank higher with more five-star reviews. However, getting those reviews is very tricky.

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