Top 5 Ways to Keep Blog Content Interesting

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As a trusted SEO company in San Diego, we know firsthand that keeping your blogs full of interesting, up-to-date information is essential to maintaining and growing a readership. We also know how challenging it is to do that. Here are five easy ways to keep your blogs lively!

1) Keep an Eye on the Audience

Knowing the interests and desires of your audience is a great way to guide the format and content of your posts. Most interesting topics are developing all the time, so make sure to chime in on all the latest news and trends.

2) Encourage Audience Participation

Lots of bloggers think producing quality content is a one-way street, but there are many different ways to encourage audience participation, including comment sections and weekly forum posts. Getting your audience talking helps rope in new readers, too!

3) Include Polls

Polls are a great and easy way to engage your readers. You can set up polls for fun, to solicit opinions, or to get direct feedback from your audience on what they want to see. Polls are a good alternative to enabling comments in case you don’t have the resources to moderate them.

4) Get More from Links

Posting links that refer back to other pages on your site makes good sense, especially when you want to show up on Google searches, but you can go a step beyond that by linking to sites outside of your blog as well. This enables you to update frequently while also making your voice heard on topics that might not need an entire blog post. Plus, it sets you up as an authoritative resource for your readers.

5) Network with Guest Bloggers

Guest bloggers help expand and share your audience base. Inviting a guest blogger to write a post will entice that blogger’s readers and will give your own readers something unexpected to chew on. It’s a two-way street, and you may be offered to guest blog in return, which strengthens your ties within the blog networks surrounding your topics of interest.

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