Top Things That Keep Customers Loyal

Customer Loyalty Tips in San Diego, CA

Increasing customer retention rates by as little as five percent can boost profits anywhere from 25 to 95 percent, according to a Harvard study. The challenge with keeping customers loyal, however, is the increased fickleness of consumers today. For this reason, it’s important to be mindful of what keeps customers loyal when putting together a marketing plan.

Engagement and Communication

Customers today expect to be “talked to” and not “talked at” via carefully worded ad content. Effectively communicate with customers by:

  •  Choosing appropriate social media marketing platforms
  •  Responding to customer concerns quickly and sincerely
  •  Presenting fresh, engaging content

Shared Values

Customers tend to be loyal to brands that share their values. Dive into your demographics to determine what your customers care about the most and find commonalities you can emphasize in your content.

Stroking Egos

Customers like to a feel a brand is representing who they are, which often extends to the images and wording used in online content. Knowing such details is going to involve really digging through available data to determine things like aspirations and goals common among your target audience.

Effective Selling

Customers are picky about how they’re targeted, right down to how things are worded. “A minimal shipping fee” is likely to be more effective than “plus a $5.00 shipping fee.” Words like “free” and “new,” and “instantly” will always have a universal appeal when it comes to selling.

Responsive Customer Service

Customer loyalty is heavily dependent on the quality of customer service. An unsatisfied customer has an amplified voice via social media and online review sites that can dissuade customers–or turn away ones previously loyal.

Rewarding Loyalty

Customers like it when their loyalty is appreciated. The biggest obstacle with rewards programs is overcoming that initial hesitation, which can be countered by offering an instant reward, as in a certain percentage off or free shipping

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