Essential Tips for Starting Your First PPC Campaign

Tips for Starting Your First PPC Campaign in San Diego, CA

Pay-per-click, or PPC, can be a great way to grab the attention of your intended audience. As the name implies, you only pay for clicks your ads generate. This can be cost-effective, but you’ll also want to get optimal ROI with your PPC campaigns. The PPC experts from Saba SEO, a leading San Diego web design and digital marketing company, suggest some of the top steps to take if you’re preparing to launch your first paid ad campaign.

Do Your Customer Research

Before you launch a PPC campaign, really get to know your target audience. Draw on your existing customer data to find out how to structure your ads and tap into what your intended audience expects.

Know Why You Want to Run PPC Campaigns

Another step you’ll want to take before launching a PPC campaign is to determine what you want to achieve. Common PPC objectives and goals include:

• Increasing traffic
• Generating leads
• Building brand awareness
• Generating revenue

Establish Your Budget

It’s surprisingly easy to spend more than anticipated with PPC campaigns if you’re not mindful of your budget. You’ll be more likely to stay within your paid ad budget if you clearly determine what you want to spend before you launch anything. This will also allow you to choose when your ads run with better accuracy.

Fine-Tune Your Keyword List

Start by coming up with an initial keyword list. These are the words and related terms you’ll be using in your ads. Make a spreadsheet of your preferred keywords, and use keyword analysis tools to find keywords that are effective but not super competitive. As long as the search volume is good, you can still get the desired results with less competitive keywords.

Also, with PPC campaign keywords:

• Look for keyword variations that could work for you
• Include negative keywords that aren’t relevant to your products/services to avoid irrelevant results
• Consider the cost per click associated with each of your keywords to determine which ones will fit into your budget

Work on Your Ad Copy

After you have your keyword list ready and you know what you want to accomplish with your ads, get to work on the ad copy. The main features of a well-structured PPC ad include:

• A compelling, attention-getting headline
• A focused, well-presented message
• Content that provides an incentive to take action
• A clear call to action or link to a relevant landing page
• A relevant image and/or PPC ad extension that supplements your ad copy

Finally, don’t forget to keep track of how your PPC campaigns are performing. Google has a Grader tool you can use for free to get a full performance report to see how your campaigns are performing. You can also view your Google Ads data in Google Analytics. The results you’ll get will allow you to adjust your campaigns to further maximize your ROI.

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