3 Important Factors of Your Local SEO Strategy

3 Key Aspects of Your Local SEO Strategy in San Diego, CA

Local SEO is becoming more and more important each year. Many Google search results involve local businesses, so optimizing for these searches is essential for increasing your online visibility. Before drafting a search optimization strategy with one of the best SEO companies San Diego has to offer, consider the following three aspects of local SEO.

1. Voice Search

In the past few years, voice search has become massively popular. Voice recognition is improving on smartphones, and voice-activated home devices like Google Home and Alexa are now commonplace. By 2020, it’s likely that half of all searches will be done by voice.

Voice search allows people to ask more detailed questions, so you should emphasize long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy. Hyperlocal searches for services in specific neighborhoods may become more common as well. In addition to your city name, you should also include your neighborhood as a keyword.

2. Customer Sentiment

By keeping an eye on online conversations about your local keywords, you can learn more about how potential customers interact with your brand and tailor your content to appeal to as many searchers as possible.

One option is to use Synup, which allows you to manage your online reputation and location data. The tool keeps track of interactions around your keywords on social media and review platforms, and it gives you an analysis of your online reviews.

3. Reviews

Customer reviews are essential for your local SEO strategy. Google’s algorithm considers local reviews when ranking a website, and most people read online reviews before making a purchase. Encourage your satisfied customers to leave reviews on Google or on other platforms, and regularly interact with your reviewers to show you’re listening to your customers’ feedback.

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