5 Common Keyword Mistakes in AdWords Campaigns

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Choosing AdWords Keywords in San Diego, CA

If you’re using AdWords to promote your products or web content, you probably know there are many strategies you can use to attract people to your website. Even if you have a great approach for using AdWords to your advantage, there is a chance you may be making some major mistakes. Here are the five biggest keyword mistakes San Diego AdWords managers.

Mistake #1: Not Using Keywords in Ad Copy

Most PPC managers understand that using the right keywords is vital to the success of an AdWords campaign. When these keywords cause their advertisements to appear on search results pages, many PPC managers assume the campaign is successful. While having advertisements appear on a search results page is a sign of progress, it’s not an indicator of total success. People who perform searches will not click on an advertisement unless its copy matches what they are looking for. Because of this, it is important for PPC managers to integrate keywords into the ad copy itself.

Mistake #2: Not Applying Negative Keywords

AdWords allows you to select negative keywords, or keywords that you do not want your advertisement to appear for. Many PPC managers assume that any exposure is good, but there are many situations in which appearing on a search results page could harm a company’s reputation or branding efforts. For example, if an Internet user searched for ‘worst restaurants in Washington’, paid advertisements on the results page could be associated with a poor reputation. By using negative keywords, you can reduce the odds of your advertisement landing on a results page with content that could harm your business.

Mistake #3: Not Focusing on Specific Areas

Many PPC managers make the mistake of focusing their advertising efforts on the entire Internet instead of on local markets. By creating advertisements that target groups that are most likely to purchase your products, your website’s conversion rates will increase.

Mistake #4: Using Advertisements to Direct People to Your Homepage

When a person clicks your advertisement, they are expecting to be directed to a webpage that is related to the keywords in your copy. For example, if your advertisement describes a sale for Nike running shoes, directing people to your home page will not be very helpful for your site’s visitors. This may result in a high bounce rate and lost conversions.

Mistake #5: Using Too Many Keywords

PPC managers often make the mistake of using too many keywords in a single campaign. These managers probably think that they will attract a high quantity of visitors if they cast their advertising nets far and wide, but they actually miss many opportunities by refusing to concentrate their efforts. By using a fairly small quantity of well-researched keywords for your topic you can increase your site’s traffic and conversion rates.

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