Creating a Landing Page That Converts

Increase Click Through Rates with Landing Pages

You’ve done market and keyword research. You’ve created AdWords ads (or something similar). What happens next?

You create a landing page that will convert by capturing a potential client’s attention, maintaining his or her interest, and keeping them focused on the benefits you’re offering.

Get the Headline Right

You have one chance to get your prospect’s attention. San Diego SEOs experts recommend keeping your headline short, but making sure it’s clear and effective. Lose the fluff, let potential customers know what to expect, and don’t skimp on the benefits.

Don’t Underestimate the Impact of the First Sentence

If you get the reader with the headline, don’t waste the first sentence. Present your irresistible offer or message right away. Your prospective customers are prone to resistance. You need to quickly address their problem and then tell them how you will solve it.

Keep it Simple

Make lists of ways you will solve their most urgent problem. Create bullet points instead of using long-running paragraphs. Limit the number of additional links on the page. Make sure the call to action is above the fold. And if you use a fill form, keep it short and ask only for what’s absolutely necessary.

And Speaking of the Call to Action

Start with and finish with a clear call to action. Make your prospect’s next step easily available and a natural follow on to your message. Every word takes them to the inevitable conclusion that reminds them why you have what they need.

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