2020 Guidelines for Using Facebook to Market Your Business

Tips for Using Facebook to Market Your Business in San Diego, CA

Marketing businesses and products on Facebook is ramping up in 2020. Facebook is no longer just for sharing photos of your vacation or discussing last night’s game. Facebook’s format makes it easier to meaningfully engage with your customers and expand your brand’s visibility. Here are the essentials of Facebook marketing for business in 2020, brought to you by the social media experts at Saba SEO, a firm that’s among the most trustworthy and innovative San Diego marketing companies.

Build a Community

Instead of relying on your Facebook business page, create a Facebook group and start building a community. A group is less formal than a business page. Because this format is more appealing, customers and potential customers may feel at ease because they’re among friends. They’ll discuss your product or service and subjects related to it. This feedback can help you fine-tune your social media marketing, and it can even help you generate ideas for new products or services. Your group can be public or private. Private groups can give your followers more freedom to express themselves, and they’re easier for admins to monitor. 

Invite Micro-Influencers to Your Page

Micro-influencers are social media experts in specific business niches. Their name brands mean something to their followers. They may have hundreds of thousands of social media followers who will try what they recommend. Find those who overlap with your specific brand niche. Invite these influencers to produce content for your Facebook page, then watch new potential customers engage with your page. 

Comment on Reviews

Facebook marketing for business in 2020 includes reviews. Always comment on every review, whether positive or negative. Thank people for positive comments and invite those reviewers to return and continue their patronage. As for negative comments, try to resolve the issue and briefly explain how it was addressed. Potential customers learn a lot about your customer service from how you treat a negative review. Any business can have a bad day, but the way that company deals with the negative situation is more important when it comes to influencing future customers. 

Avoid Being Pushy

Make sure your content uses SEO best practices, but don’t push your products. You should certainly unveil new products or tout your services if they apply to a holiday or specific time of year. However, don’t allow your page to be just an advertisement. You know your customers and your brand. Focus your posts on specific subjects, and engage with people without pushing them to buy your products. You’ll earn their trust and loyalty, and they’ll become customers because of it. 

When it comes to utilizing Facebook and other social media platforms, you need to create a clear strategy for your business. The social media marketing experts at Saba SEO can help you develop a customized marketing plan that’s certain to boost your online presence. As a premier provider of San Diego SEO services and digital marketing expertise, Saba SEO has more than ten years of experience in social media marketing, content development, search engine optimization, and web design. To get started creating an effective social media marketing plan for your business, give us a call at 858-277-1717.