Healthcare SEO: Strategies for Boosting Your Rank in 2020

Strategies for Boosting Your Rank in 2020 :Healthcare SEO in San Diego, CA

According to some estimates, roughly 80 percent of Internet users in the United States report searching for health-related information online. This is definitely one of the most compelling reasons to pay attention to SEO techniques that can help healthcare websites and related content rank higher in 2020. Read on to learn the top healthcare SEO strategies for next year, brought to you by the experienced experts from Saba SEO, an industry-leading San Diego SEO agency

Quality over Quantity with Link Building

Link building is always going to be a big thing for ranking purposes. But if you really want your healthcare content to rank well, keep the emphasis on quality over quantity. Even a smaller number of links from reputable relevant websites could contribute to better organic search rankings in 2020.

Mobile Optimization

Nearly 60 percent of website traffic now comes from mobile devices. However, some healthcare marketers haven’t yet fully embraced mobile friendliness. But if your goal is to rank higher in 2020, mobile optimization needs to be a top priority so you can stay connected with on-the-go patients.

Active Blogs

Websites with active blogs generate nearly 70 percent more leads. Not surprisingly, having well-written, relevant blog content on your healthcare website provides more of an incentive for visitors to stick around. If you embrace this SEO-related technique in 2020, you could be rewarded with higher rankings.

Answers for Common Search Queries

Google is already placing more of an emphasis on featured snippets, referring to those blurbs of text that show up on results pages when search queries are entered. Focusing on this particular SEO component can be especially useful for healthcare practices, since patients often search for answers they need via search engines. If those answers happen to be included in your content, searchers will be more likely to consider your site a reliable source of healthcare information.

Other Considerations

Optimizing for voice searches, which could account for more than half of all online traffic in 2020, using long-tail keywords, and offering a secure website for visitors are some of the other healthcare SEO techniques worth embracing in 2020. It’s equally essential to really know what you want to achieve with online engagement and what type of content your intended audience expects.

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