5 Fantastic Techniques for Link Building

Link Building Concept

While SEO can be instantly changed with a Google algorithm, link building is a practice that can help you establish yourself as an expert when other high-quality sites link to your site. Google now rewards sites that have rich content with high-quality links that are from established authorities in your business. No amount of SEO chasing can beat out a site with high-quality links. Thoughtful link building can boost your Google ranking even if your competitor has a higher-quality site or product. One of the biggest challenges is to build high-quality links because it requires planning and regular monitoring. The experienced Internet marketing experts at Saba SEO, one of the finest SEO companies San Diego has to offer, suggest these five amazing tactics to effectively build links.

1. Image Link Building

Your informative custom images could be taken and used on other sites, which is another good opportunity to build links and an incentive to create custom images. When another site publishes your image, write to them and request that they include your link. To find who is using your image, simply go to Google Image Search, click on the camera, and paste the image URL. Then you can see who is using your image and contact their site administrator.

2. Link Reclamation

Using a tool like BuzzSumo or Google Alerts, you can keep track of times when another site mentions your business. Contact the other site and simply request that they include a link with that mention. About half the sites you contact will likely be willing to add the link. The key to link reclamation success is to accomplish it within six months from the date of the original mention. Your speed will be rewarded with a better ranking on Google.

3. Link Intersecting

Research your competitors on Ahrefs and determine which sites are sharing their links. Contact those sites and request that they share your link. Since they are willing to share your competitors’ links, they should be agreeable to sharing your link as well.

4. Infographics

As with images, infographics are a good tool to share on your website and social media, and they’re also useful in building links. Research current trends and create an infographic by using Infographs. Next, offer up your infographic to other sites to use. This small effort gives you another way to obtain a high-quality link to your site and give other sites useful content to share.

5. Appealing Hooks

Creating income reports, a specialized calendar, a checklist, or other downloadable deliverables that appeal to a broader audience can also help you naturally obtain high-quality links. As users flock to your site for these items, Google should eventually begin to translate your site as an authority. 

Link building is an extremely effective strategy for establishing your site’s credibility and quality. If you use these five tactics, you’ll find yourself amazed at how quickly you see results. If you’re looking for expertise in any aspect of your Internet marketing, reach out to the professionals at Saba SEO, one of the best marketing companies in San Diego. SEO services, along with Internet marketing, content development, web design, and web development, are what we do best. Our experts can show you ways to increase your site’s traffic that will amaze you. Schedule an appointment with one of our SEO experts today by calling us at 858-277-1717.