Is Content Marketing Here to Stay?

Using Content Marketing to Attract and Retain Customers

Content marketing is a large aspect of SEO and website management, and while the concept and strategies may evolve over the years, there are no signs that it’s going to become irrelevant anytime soon. Wondering if content marketing is here for the long haul? As a San Diego SEO firm that believes content is king, we certainly think so!

You Cannot Force a Consumer to Buy

During most of the 20th century, the primary method of advertising and selling a product was through push marketing. As the market became saturated with ads, people became annoyed with pushy sales tactics and opted to avoid push marketing altogether. The widespread use of ‘Ad Block’ is a prime example of this. Now, content marketing is necessary because it convinces consumers to believe in brands through the distribution of high-quality content. If your content is considered informative, entertaining, or useful, consumers share it within their circles and your products are promoted. This happens without consumers ever becoming annoyed with push marketing tactics.

High Search Engine Ranks Depend on Sharing Content

If your website or blog is consistently updated with new content, you will have more opportunities to share your brand through social media marketing and attract new visitors. According to Google’s current algorithms, if many people click into your site and read your content regularly, you will be rewarded with a higher search engine rank, which will lead to more traffic visiting your site.

Content Demonstrates Your Credibility

While your primary goal is to perform your job well and serve your clients, content marketing will draw in consumers by showing that you know what you are doing. As long as the internet is a tool that is available to a great number of people, creating and distributing your knowledge through content is the best way to demonstrate your credibility. This can be done through informational videos, how-to guides, or editorials about industry news. Sharing this useful content can increase your reputation within your industry and its consumers.

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