How to Deal with Old Blog Posts

How to Manage Old Blog Posts in San Diego, CA

Blogs were one of the most popular strategies for content creation and SEO in the mid-2000s. During this time, most businesses focused on quantity over quality. Content creators were determined to fit as many keywords into as many blog posts as possible, and they didn’t care much about the quality or entertainment value of their articles. Now that SEO experts know of the penalties for keyword stuffing, they’re much more careful to create engaging, authentic content. However, many sites still have old blog posts lurking in the background, which may affect their placement in Google’s search results. If your site is bogged down with old blog posts, you may worry about their impact on your search rankings. Here are a few steps you can take to clean up your website, provided by Saba SEO, one of the most reliable marketing companies in San Diego.

Take Inventory

Your first step is to understand exactly how much content you have on your site. The best way to get an inventory of your blog posts depends on your content management system. You may be able to export a database field, or you may have to use Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools to get a comprehensive list.

Assess What You Have

Once you know the content you have, decide whether or not it’s worth keeping. You should only hold onto content that’s helpful or entertaining for your site visitors and beneficial to your SEO strategy. It should also be relevant to your business or industry.

Improve the Posts You Keep

If you’ve decided to keep some of your old blog posts, you should update them to meet today’s standards. First, focus on the overall writing and grammar of the article. The post should be clear, focused, and free of any grammatical errors. Then, you can expand or update the information to keep it current. There may be new discoveries, developments, or opinions you can add to the post to make it more relevant to today’s audience. You could also add images or video content to update the post.

Promote the Finished Product

After going through all the effort of improving and expanding your blog posts, you’ll want your audience to see them. You can share or re-share your articles on your social media platforms or add them to the front page of your blog to attract more readers.

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