Trends in Tech that Will Affect Marketing

From the way we drive to how we watch our favorite TV shows and use everyday appliances, technology influences our lives in many ways. It also plays a significant role in what’s happening in the world of marketing, especially with anything done online. Today, the experts from Saba SEO, the specialists in internet marketing San Diego businesses have relied on for 20 years, are shining a spotlight on some of the tech trends that will likely influence your marketing efforts and decisions now and in the future.

Conversational AI

Nearly half of all online consumers are already using chatbots and similar conversational AI tools to make purchases, according to a 2020 marketing report. From a marketing perspective, AI technology of this nature is an effective way to enhance the user experience. It also makes the buying process more personalized, which can translate to more conversions and happy customers.

Voice Search

About 20 percent of mobile searches are currently conducted by voice, and it’s a trend that’s continuing to grow. If you’re not already considering voice search as you prepare your content and choose your keywords, it’s a good idea to take this step now to be better prepared for the future. Optimizing for voice search involves:

• Conversational keywords
• Persona-based content
• Locally focused content, since most voice searches are local

E-Commerce Innovations

There’s a lot going on in the world of e-commerce these days. One of the trends falling into this category that will influence marketing is alternative forms of payment, such as cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Augmented reality (AR) is also becoming part of the e-commerce experience by giving customers a chance to virtually try on clothes and see how things would look in their homes before making a purchase.

The Metaverse

Video game manufacturers have been creating virtual buying experiences for many years. This is very similar to what’s expected with the metaverse. Things are still being ironed out with metaverse marketing, but it’s expected to include customized shopping experiences and other brand interactions. The trick for marketers is finding creative ways to become part of virtual environments in a way that doesn’t disrupt the experience for metaverse users

Better Analytics

One other tech trend that will influence marketing in the future is improved data analytics capabilities. In fact, many online users today are willing to provide personal information if it will improve the customer experience. As the ability to quickly sort through and understand data improves, marketers will have access to stats that can be used to further personalize online interactions.

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