5 Ways to Turn Marketing Fails into Marketing Success

Turning Bad Marketing to Good in San Diego, CA

Every company has its fair share of marketing horror stories. From low-budget start-ups to major, well-known corporations, all businesses will fail in their marketing efforts at some point in time. Fortunately, it’s possible to turn these costly disappointments into unprecedented success. Following are five tips from trusted San Diego SEO company Saba, Inc. that will show you how.

1. Get in the Right Mindset

Failure in marketing is the surest way to identify the strategies that don’t work. Accept that there is always risk in implementing a new marketing campaign, but understand that win or lose, there will invariably be rewards. A low-interest campaign not only shows you how and where you’ve gone wrong, but it can additionally highlight the strategies that have the highest likelihood of producing desirable results. Study your failed efforts carefully and make the most of the learning experiences they provide.

2. Learn Your Market

One of the most common causes of a failed marketing campaign is insufficient or erroneous knowledge of the targeted market. As you review your past efforts, look diligently for any new information about your market that the blunder has revealed. It’s also a good idea to consider the benefits of implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) program or overhauling your old one. The more you know about the people you’re reaching out to, the easier it will be to streamline your outreach for optimal results.

3. Recognize the Importance of Good Timing

Surprisingly, even the best marketing campaigns can fall short of their goals if they’re not implemented at the right time. Just because a campaign hasn’t worked doesn’t mean it’s an ineffective one. Study patterns in customer buying habits and see if the same marketing effort might be better implemented later on. This will help you limit both your losses and your spending on future promotions. Many companies have found that failed strategies can provide incredible success several months, years, or even decades after their introduction.

4. Start Thinking Outside of the Box

If you have the right mindset about your marketing failure, you’ll be able to identify your missteps and you’ll have a clear understanding of what not to do. More importantly, you’ll have sufficient confidence for further pushing the envelope. If you’ve been struggling to make tried-and-true methods work for you, failure should be seen as an invitation to step outside the box and to do something that your competitors aren’t doing.

5. Laugh at Yourself Publicly

The web has made commercial failures all the more public and embarrassing. Even some of the largest companies in the world have made social media blunders that have had people from coast to coast mocking and laughing at them. Try poking fun at yourself. This is a great way to gain exposure for your business and it shows your target market a fun, personable side. Surprisingly, companies that laugh at their own marketing missteps in public arenas are often viewed as trustworthy. It exhibits qualities like transparency, honesty, and humility, and these are all things that are essential for building a strong and unforgettable brand.

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