Essential Members of an Online Marketing Team

Marketing vs Sales

An effective online marketing team can be just as essential to the success of a business today as the individuals tasked with monitoring finances and managing HR duties. When you’re ready to establish such a group, there are a handful of must-include players to put on your online marketing team.

The Team Leader

Whether the title is Marketing Strategist or Director of Online Marketing, the role of the team leader is to coordinate activities among team members, assign tasks, monitor results, and establish priorities. Ideally, a team leader should fit within your company’s culture and have firsthand experience of the various aspects of online marketing.

The SEO Expert

Maintaining current knowledge of search algorithms and keeping up with Google updates with regards to SEO is often a full-time task. This is the person who will be testing relevant keywords and phrases, monitoring results throughout your online content, and identifying potential issues and any areas of missed opportunities.

The Content Writer

Once the SEO framework is in place, fresh, engaging content needs to be produced. If having a separate content writer isn’t in the budget, consider using reputable freelancers.

The Website Designer

For the technical aspects of online marketing, you’ll need a website designer. This is the person who will create and update existing websites and blogs and respond to any technical issues that could slow page load times.

The Data Analyst

Data is essential to any form of online marketing. This person will keep all team members armed with relevant data, generate forecasts, and help identify trends.

The Social Media Manger

The social media manager is someone whose responsibilities will include tracking social trends, monitoring competitors’ social media activities, and timing the distribution of content across platforms. It’s an optional position that’s dependent on how much of a role social media plays in your business.

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