3 Suggestions for Consistent Marketing for Small Manufacturers

How to Market a Small Manufacture in San Diego CA

Consistency is one of the most important factors in marketing for small businesses. Most goals in life require consistent efforts to achieve, and online marketing is no exception. However, many small manufacturers neglect their online marketing.

It’s common for websites to be created and then abandoned or for business owners to enthusiastically use a marketing strategy for a few months before stopping completely. Here are three marketing tactics that work effectively for small manufacturing sites as long as they’re used consistently, brought to you by providers of high-quality internet marketing in San Diego.

1. Perform Maintenance Regularly

Many manufacturing websites are extremely out of date or even completely broken. As the internet evolves, your website needs to adapt to keep up. For example, there are far too many small business sites that include built-in Flash, which doesn’t work in some browsers and requires a plugin that many site visitors don’t have. Because these sites are so out of date, the businesses are likely losing their potential customers.

Check your site at least once a month to make sure everything is up to date. Update any software or plugins regularly, and make sure your site’s forms work correctly. Click on all of your site’s links to make sure they redirect to “live” pages. Check Google Analytics to make sure your site traffic hasn’t suddenly declined.

2. Add Content

It’s usually best to start with a few highly-searched keywords related to your business. Use these keywords to come up with content ideas, including FAQs, blog posts, and technical information pages. Stay up to date on which keywords are currently popular, and see what content similar businesses post on their sites. Try to add one or two pieces of content to your site each month.

3. Market Constantly

Adding content with keywords can help your site show up on search engines, but it’s important to consistently use other marketing strategies as well. One option is to create an e-newsletter that includes links to your website. You can also create a social media presence for your business, which provides plenty of opportunities to link to your site.

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