What’s Important to Know about Phygital Marketing?

What Is Phygital Marketing in San Diego, CA

“Phygital marketing” isn’t a typo. It’s actually a combination of physical or in-person sensory experiences and digital marketing. An example of this approach to marketing is using location-based details to engage customers via their mobile devices while they’re already in physical stores shopping. The experts from Saba SEO, an industry-leading online marketing and web design company in San Diego, explain more about phygital marketing.

Why Phygital Marketing Is Important

The idea behind phygital marketing is to enhance the physical experience. It’s an important and worthwhile aspect of marketing today because more people are interacting differently with the businesses and brands they prefer online today than what was common in the past.

For instance, one survey found more than half of all consumers surveyed use their mobile apps while inside stores to do things like check out reviews and compare prices. Research suggests younger consumers especially appreciate this type of physical-based digital interaction. This applies to both B2C and B2B consumers.

How It Works

Phygital marketing goes beyond in-app engagement and interaction with in-store customers. It can also involve promoting things like pop-up stores or event booths to encourage in-person visits to these temporary locations.

One high-end audio company went even further by setting up sound chambers and giving visitors preloaded iPads to further personalize the experience. The company was able to analyze the data they collected to learn more about their target audience.

Nearly Limitless Possibilities

There are many ways to combine digital marketing with real-world experiences. However, specific goals and objectives still need to be behind such efforts.

For example, a start-up company offered its new vegan ice cream on a limited basis. They quickly sold out of the product but didn’t restock. The actual goal was to market the technology behind their product to other businesses. The consumer data collected from selling the product was used to achieve the company’s digital marketing goals.

Augmented reality (for instance, enabling consumers to see what furniture would look like in their rooms before making purchases) is another example of phygital marketing. Whether or not this approach to marketing is right for you will depend on how you prefer to interact with your customers, what you want to achieve, and how this type of interaction could complement your other marketing efforts.

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