Minimize Click Fraud & Avoid Wasteful Spending

How to Save Money SEO

Since advertising has become an effective means of revenue for bloggers and website owners, there has been an increased amount of click fraud. Click fraud occurs when people intentionally follow your advertisements to bring in revenue for the hosting website. If you’re the owner of the pay per click advertisement, this can mean that a portion of your ad budget is being wasted on web traffic that has no intention of purchasing your products or services. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to minimize click fraud and avoid wasteful spending.

Use Specific PPC Words

False clicks on your advertisements are inevitable, but you can reduce their impact on your budget by improving your return on investment. By using very specific keywords in your pay-per-click advertisements, you will be targeting a group of people that are more likely to follow your advertisements out of interest. You can find these top-quality keywords by performing keyword research and surveying past customers. You may also find that including a geographic keyword can narrow the group of visitors that see your advertisements.

Track the Behavior of Users

You can keep track of click fraud by monitoring user activity through analytics. Some key indicators of click fraud are multiple click-throughs and few bounces, clicks from a single browser, and multiple clicks from a single IP address. These signs can help you identify click fraud and save budget funds.

Set a Budget

To prevent money loss from funds set aside for PPC advertising, you should set a detailed budget at multiple levels. First, you need to determine the value of your keywords and set a rate for each click. Once this is done, you should set a daily budget. A daily budget will turn off your advertisements once you’ve exhausted the funds that you have set for a single day. This will ensure that you do not cut into your profits if click fraud gets out of hand.

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