Proven Tricks to Perfectly Mix Paid and Organic Strategies

Tips to Mix Paid & Organic Strategies in San Diego, CA

Which is the better way to increase traffic to your website? Is it best to use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, or is search engine optimization (SEO) more successful? Both can be effective in getting visitors to your site. Learning which method is ideal for your business is the key to your success. The San Diego SEO specialists at Saba SEO share a few tips on mixing paid and organic strategies to boost your online ranking.

Determine How Competitive Your Niche Is

Utilizing the Google External Keyword Research Tool can determine how competitive the search engine results (SERPs) are in your business field. By using the Traffic Estimator, you can get a good guesstimate of the cost per click (CPC). If there is a huge competition, then no amount of SEO could get you to that first page of search results.

Compare Competitors

Determining the CPC of local competition can help you strategize. SEMrush has released the CPC Map to assist you with these comparisons. The map lets you compare and calculate CPC and strategize where you could advertise more economically.

Use Branded Keywords

Using branded keywords, you can beat out your competition and win the SERP game. Consider investing in PPC marketing to make the most of these keywords. Most of all, you should plan your paid campaign before your competition takes your branded keywords first.

Examine the Competition

Examine what your competition is doing by using SEMrush’s Keyword Gap tool. You can determine when they are ranking in SEO with organic content and when they are paying for keywords.

Keep in Touch

Create a strategy to keep in touch with a client to help you build a profitable relationship. Whether you get someone to your site through SEO or PPC, you need to find ways to continue to keep in touch with them. One way is to offer an informative download or eBook that requires an email signup. Creating a valuable newsletter is another opportunity to stay in regular contact with a client or potential new customer. Offering such tools can establish your authority and make your SEO and PPC strategies more successful.

Set a Budget

In the end, your budget is going to determine whether you have to rely on good SEO or if you can invest in PPC. A minimum budget of $70 per week is needed for PPC. On the other hand, SEO algorithms change unexpectedly, and you may have to revamp your SEO strategy over and over again. Examining what your competition is doing should trigger a signal that you need to at least match their effort. Employing both SEO and PPC and making them work together may lead to your ultimate success.

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