Understanding Native Advertising

Make Native Advertising Work for You in San Diego, CA

If you’re familiar with online marketing, you’ve probably heard of something called native advertising. Native advertising is a form of online advertising that uses the format and function of a particular platform.

Using Platforms for Advertising

Native advertising uses media platforms on the internet to promote a product or build brand recognition. Traditionally, online advertisements are banner images or overt promotions that do not necessarily appear within the main content of a webpage. In many ways, native advertising is the opposite of this kind of online marketing. Instead of being limited to margins and headers, native advertisements appear directly within the primary content of a webpage. Native advertisements also take on a form that is quite different from traditional online advertisements. They appear as posts or images that blend in with existing content. It is common to see examples of native advertising in social media news feeds and in online newspapers.

Where Does Native Advertising Appear?

Native advertising appears on every major media platform that is accessible on the internet, Facebook being one of the largest. On Facebook, businesses and websites use their page to create posts that promote their product or brand. If these businesses and websites choose to promote their content by paying money to Facebook, their posts will appear in the news feeds of other Facebook users. At a glance, these promoted posts do not appear to be advertisements. Instead, they look like typical posts created by a Facebook user. Because of this, native advertising is a very effective way to engage individuals who may be skeptical of obvious marketing efforts and a good alternative to other social media marketing efforts. Native advertising is also used on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and many other media platforms.

Native advertising is a form of online marketing that appears to people within the context of the platform that they are using. It can be a useful tool for businesses and websites who want engage with a large group of people on the internet in a more organic way that typically offered through traditional marketing efforts.

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