Top Drawbacks of Using PPC

Is PPC Necessary if your Web Site is Ranking Organically?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an appealing form of advertising since you can set your own budget and target audiences likely to be receptive to your message. Yet there are risks associated with this form of online marketing that could diminish your ROI.

1. PPC Can Get Expensive Quickly

You’ll pay for each click even if those potential buyers don’t seal the deal. Bidding on desirable keywords can also jack up your investment faster than anticipated. The most expensive Google AdWords’ keywords, based on cost per click and popularity, are:

  • Insurance at $54 per click
  • Mortgage at $47
  • Loans at $44

2. Sponsored Ads Are Often Ignored

Four out of five American consumers ignore online ads, according to one estimate. The same is true of sponsored ads. When multiple sponsored ads are vying for clicks, online searchers are even more likely to tune out.

3. Consumers are Naturally Skeptical About Advertising

It’s easier to convince potential consumers to buy what you’re offering if you use a mix of marketing techniques. With ads, there’s a natural tendency to think there’s something more to what’s being sold than what’s being stated. If a company uses PPC, having a high organic rank as well can help assuage consumer doubts.

4. Shady PPC Firms Spike Costs

Some unscrupulous marketers make vague promises without getting into specifics about the risks. There’s also the potential for “click fraud,” where fake clicks are sent from different IP addresses, often resulting in nothing more than meaningless ghost traffic and expensive bills for those phantom clicks.

There are ways to control your budget with PPC. AdWords, for instance, will stop displaying ads after you’ve reached your daily budget. However, it’s worth considering if PPC advertising  is really the most economical way to reach your intended audience based on your marketing objectives and available budget.

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