How to Network at Marketing Events

Network in Marketing Events in San Diego, CA

For competitive industries, like marketing, no matter how far business seems to advance or how much reach expands, the necessity of networking is here to stay. Here are 5 tips recommended by a trusted San Diego online marketing company to set yourself up to network like a champ.

1. Do Your Homework

If the event is sponsored by a specific organization or has a keynote speaker, make sure you’re up to speed on all things relevant. Everyone likes talking about themselves, so being knowledgeable about what’s going on in the speaker’s sphere as well as the business’ enables you to steer the conversation toward their newsworthy accomplishments.

2. Have a Plan

It is important that you approach this activity like you would any other–with a solid game plan. Have a goal, like to meet at least three people you did not know prior to the event. Reminding yourself of your goal(s) will ensure that your time spent networking is productive.

3. Go Alone

There are few things that can make us more anxious than entering a crowded room of strangers. So while this tip may seem counterintuitive, it will likely push you outside your comfort zone and force you to develop skills you never thought you could.

4. Pay Attention

Say everything is going well, from your hair to your witty repartee. Nothing can cause you to lose a connection as quickly as forgetting the name or relevant details of someone you’ve been speaking with for 20 minutes.

5. Don’t Over Imbibe

Networking should be fun, but for your sake and the sake of the company you’re associated with, stay classy.

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