What Are the Features of Google’s New Search Console?

What's New with Google's Search Console? in San Diego, CA

After months of testing, Google announced plans to debut an updated Search Console interface in 2018. As has been the case with previous Google rollouts, efforts will be made to transition users of Search Console to the new interface by allowing access to the original one until the changeover is completed. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect from the new and improved Search Console, brought to you by experts at Saba SEO.

Search Performance Report

The Search Analytics section on Search Console has been retooled as Search Performance. You’ll still be able to overlay things like average position data, total clicks, average CTR, and total impressions on top of one another. The most noticeable change is the ability to filter multiple variables simultaneously, while the main drawback is the inability to layer multiple comparisons. However, you will be able to get precise performance data for your site that includes a broader range of historical search data. The availability of additional information is significant since website owners have long desired more than just the previous three-month limit on search data to compare results from longer periods. You’ll now be able to compare results from previous periods up to 16 months back.

Index Coverage Report

The Crawl Error and Index Status reports from the original Search Console will now be combined into the new Index Coverage Report. You’ll be able to see what’s going on with your site’s indexing and correct any identified errors. You can also request an updated report after you’ve fixed issues. Data can be viewed by:

  • Pages with errors
  • Valid indexed pages
  • Valid pages with warnings
  • Excluded pages

Overlay impression data is on top. You’ll see a table below the displayed interface data that will give you more info about any detected issues. You’ll also be able to directly click to any URLs that are affected.

AMP Report Updates

The updated Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) status report will allow you to reprocess and validate AMP URLs across multiple pages you had to fix based on a list of errors Search Console produces. The report will be under the new Search Enhancements heading.

Job Postings

Under the Search Enhancements option, there will be a new Job Posting report, which allows webmasters with job listings on their site to add structured data to make those listings eligible for Google’s new job listings feature (Google Jobs). The report generated related to your job listings will highlight indexing issues and allow you to run your report again after fixes have been made.

Equivalents to Original Search Console Features

Nothing in the new version will be exactly the same as the original interface, but there are some equivalent features. For instance, most of the data you would normally find in the Search Analytics, Index Coverage, Index Status, and Crawl Errors reports will be in the new Search Performance report. The sitemap submission process is also similar, except there’s no “test” button on the new interface. Google has plans to unveil even more features for the updated Search Console. There will likely be some version of reports for Structured Data, Rich Cards, and Data Highlighter. An international targeting report will provide data based on country and language. It’s also expected there will some additions to the mobile usability report and more integration with Google Assistant.

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