Simple Off-Page SEO Technique for Better SEO Ranking

Off Page Strategies for Successful SEO Campaign in San Diego, CA

Off-page SEO is the collective name for all activities that take place outside of your website which helps your site rank well in organic search results. Off-page SEO is all about promoting your site through a process of bloggers outreach, content marketing, and backlinks. Most San Diego SEO companies believe that off-page SEO is an integral and vital part of the overall SEO process. Here are some of the common off-page SEO strategies and techniques that many SEO experts use.


The most obvious way your website will seem authoritative to the search engine is if other quality sites are linking to it. No matter how great your content is, if no links are pointing to it, you lose points in the ranking game. Links are also commonly referred to backlinks. Check out our free comprehensive link building guide.

Links from other relevant and quality websites act as an endorsement of your content, which helps search engines rank your website higher. Some other factors that search engines take into account while ranking are the reputation of the site linking to you (is the site authoritative?), why it is linking to you and whether the link is relevant and natural.

Online Directories

There are thousands of online directories and it’s important to ensure your website is listed in only those directories that are highly reputable and relevant to your industry. Stay away from services that offer bulk or massive directory listings as it can trigger a negative penalty from Google.

When you submit your website for registration to other directories, the final directory entry will carry a backlink to your website which helps users reach out to you. We recommend you to add a short description of your site in all directories.

Create a Community on Social Networking Sites

Create profiles of your business on all the popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and use them to advertise your website. Social media can help you connect with your target market, by sharing the content of your website through posts.  Post regularly on your social network sites to create a community of users that will share your content, thereby promoting your business.

Social Bookmarking

Increase awareness about your business by posting your website on social bookmarking websites. Social bookmarking websites such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit help users connect and find online resources that they are interested in.

Answer Questions

Answer or post questions that are relevant to your business on sites like Yahoo Answers or Quora. For instance, if you sell smoothie machines and someone asks which smoothie blender is the best in the market, reply to the question and link your website in your answer. Be careful not to spam, though.


Write an original blog about your product or service and promote it in blog directories. Find blog directories that share content that is similar to your business if the blog has a comment section make sure to add a reply along with a link to your website. Adding a comment and your site to a blog will help you create a backlink, furthermore, it will add valuable information to the topic that is being discussed.

Article submissions

Submit article on your area of interest on other websites. The article should be a unique and original piece of work. Avoid plagiarism at all costs and give references wherever you need to. You can also link your website to the article thus creating a backlink.

Photo and video sharing

Share pictures and videos of your business on sites such as Flickr and YouTube. Additionally, you should publicize your photos and videos on your social media networks to help you drive traffic to your website.

Discussion boards

Start a conversation on a discussion board that is related to your business and if possible add a link from your website. You can also reply to existing board. Either way, you are adding information that helps people resolve a matter. Moreover, you are creating a backlink.

Off-page SEO is as important as On-page SEO when it comes to ranking your website. If you build a good website with great content and back it up with strong off-page SEO, you are sure to see increased ranking, more visits and ultimately increased revenue.

If SEO is not something that interests you or fits your marketing goals, check out our San Diego PPC management services to see if paid ads might be a better alternative. We are happy to discuss our services and learn more about your marketing goals. Give us a call at 858-277-1717.