Today’s Top Online Marketing Trends

Marketing Trends 2015

In an online world that is becoming increasingly connected to innovative people and companies from across the world, it is more important than ever to keep your marketing skills ahead of the game. Learn the online marketing trends of today to improve your business’ or blog’s online presence.

Social Media is Changing

The use of social media for online marketing has been a topic of discussion ever since Mark Zuckerberg’s founding of Facebook. Like all useful and innovative tools, social media changes rapidly. Those who wish to take advantage of it must utilize all of the social media tools available on a variety of networks. Business owners can make their brand far more recognizable if they effectively use Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ for online marketing.

Content Must be Mobile

If you have been paying attention to the purchasing habits of people across the world, you know that smartphones and tablets have become more popular than ever among almost all age groups. Both young children and the elderly are using mobile devices to browse the internet and perform tasks in their daily lives. This opens up an opportunity to promote your content on a new playing field. If you create a mobile app or responsive version of your website, you will be ensuring that people are able to view your content and promotions.

Social Impact and SEO are Related

In the past, your contents’ impact on social media and its search engine ranking were not necessarily related. As Google and other search engines continue their goal of providing users with high-quality content, the presence of your content on social media sites may affect your site’s credibility and reputation. For example, an article that has been shared 3000 times on Facebook may have a higher search engine rank than an article that has only been shared two times.

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