Creating a Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Business Pinterest Strategy

Many business owners and webmasters know that social media can attract visitors and increase conversion rates, but they often only focus their efforts on Facebook and Twitter. By using Pinterest as part of your social media marketing campaign, you can show off your products and insight while increasing conversions. Here’s what you need to do to create a Pinterest marketing strategy for your business.

Decide on Your Brand

If you use Pinterest or social media to promote your product, you will find that marketing a brand is far more effective than hard sales tactics. In general, internet users are put off by sales posts, so you should decide on a message and promote it through informative or entertaining posts. If you wish for people to associate your brand with a positive message, focus on creating uplifting and inspiring posts.

Use a Logo

Pinterest is driven by images and snippets of information on a virtual pinboard. Because of the platform’s emphasis on visual media, you may benefit by adding a small logo or watermark to the images that you post. This will increase the recognition of your brand by people on Pinterest and from across the web. If you decide that this is a good tactic for you, use a simple logo that represents your company well.

Create Informative Posts

One of the best ways to promote your product on Pinterest is to show how it can be useful in making life easier or more enjoyable. If you know of a creative way to use your product, share it on Pinterest and people may buy your product to try it for themselves. This will also increase your credibility since consumers and Pinterest users will view you as a source of valuable information.

Summarize Content

Pinterest offers businesses the opportunity to share information from their main website in the form of posts. By capturing the gist of a new article or blog post in a short summary, you can share your message with Pinterest users and draw them to your website. Be sure to include links to your website whenever posting content in this manner.

Whether you plan to use Pinterest, Facebook, and/or Twitter to promote your business, consult with an internet marketing company in San Diego to develop the best social media strategy for your business. For more information or to request a free website analysis and consultation, call Saba, Inc. at (858) 277-1717.