Optimizing a Google My Business Listing

How to Optimize a Google My Business Listing in San Diego, CA

If your business is primarily locally based, you should do everything possible to remain front and center for searchers within a certain geographic area, as it’s a crucial aspect of SEO. San Diego business owners need to claim their Google My Business (GMB) listing, which is a free directory that has the potential to put the listing within the top three local results on Google (Local 3-Pack) and boost the business’s Google Maps visibility. After claiming and setting up your GMB listing, take the following steps to optimize it.

Add Extra Business Details

Go beyond filling out the required fields when setting up your GMB listing and add additional info that may appeal to potential customers, which might include details such as:

• Business hours 
• Special weekend or holiday hours 
• Appealing perks (e.g., Wi-Fi availability, free parking)

Include Photos and Videos

Numerous studies show that images and videos generate more likes, shares, and clicks than text alone. Add visual content to your GMB account by going to the top of your dashboard to select “photos” or “videos.” This type of content could be used to: 

• Display images of your business’s interiors 
• Briefly highlight some of your recently completed work (e.g., a big landscape job or a home remodel) 
• Present photos of some of your main products 
• Show images/videos of customers having a good time at your establishment

Encourage & Manage Reviews

All GMB listings include the cumulative average from your customer ratings on Google, which is important for optimization purposes because nearly 70 percent of potential customers trust a business more if they see positive reviews. Get more SEO power out of the reviews that show up with your GMB listing by: 

• Making it easy for customers to submit online reviews 
• Responding to your feedback (even when it’s negative) 
• Encouraging customers to leave reviews or comments so they don’t become outdated

Take Advantage of Google Posts

Google Posts is a potentially impactful GMB feature that’s woefully underutilized. It displays images in a carousel fashion for up to seven days, and it works similar to social media posts because you can include extra ad copy and other media as well as a link back to your website. You have four options with Google Posts: 

• What’s New – Present exciting announcements or promote new articles
• Events – Promote upcoming events
• Offers – Highlight limited-time sales or promotions
• Products – Showcase popular products

Reply to Messages, Questions, and Reviews

Attach a mobile phone number to your GMB listing so potential customers can send you messages. Click on Messaging in your dashboard and input your mobile number and a message people will automatically receive after sending a text. When you have the time, you can send them a personalized response.

People can also ask questions about your business, and your answers will be published on your profile. Responding to your reviews is another great way to optimize your GMB listing. Most consumers read reviews online, and interacting with your reviewers will help you seem trustworthy.

Lastly, pay attention to your NAP (business name, address, phone number) consistency. Make sure this info matches what you have listed in other directories. Even slight variations in your business name (e.g., A&B and A&B, Inc.) could affect your rankings. Also, if you have one or two additional locations in the same area you want to draw attention to, either reference them in your profile or create entirely separate GMB listings. 

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