AdWords Ad Optimization: How to Make Little Changes That Have a Big Effect

Making Little Changes to Produce a Big Effect Through AdWords Optimization in San Diego, CA

Let’s assume you’ve researched your keywords for high commercial intent and determined your target audience, but you’re not seeing the intended results. If your online ad receives a lukewarm response, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go back to the drawing board and rethink your entire strategy. In many cases, you can make little changes that have a big effect on your online ads. Here are a few small changes you can make to optimize your ads, brought to you by San Diego PPC management experts.

Mix Up Your Ad Titles and Descriptions

It’s easier to attract the attention of searchers if you mix things up with your ads instead of using very similar headlines and related content. Create 3-5 ads with different titles and descriptions. You can even have a different image associated with each online ad.

Weed Out the Underperforming Ads

Give your ads a chance to perform. After a few hundred or so clicks, get rid of the ads with less than one percent click-through rates (CTRs). Replace the underperforming ads with new ones that are modeled after successful ads. Check your results after another hundred or so clicks (or a variable that works best based on your search volume). Repeat the process until you’re left with ads with desirable CTRs.

Pay Extra Attention to Your Highest Performing Ad

Shift your attention to the ad that’s performing the best out of all your ads. Refine this high-quality ad to optimize your CTRs and maximize your ROI by:

  • Tinkering with headlines and descriptions
  • Optimizing the display URL to better target searchers
  • Testing your “new and improved” ad against the original version to see which one performs better

Finally, make sure the landing pages associated with your AdWords ads are relevant to the content of your ads and appealing to searchers arriving on those pages. Use tactics like strong, clean headlines, easy access to additional useful info, and a clear call to action to encourage conversions.

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