How to Boost Your Online Visibility with Google’s Mobile-First Index

How to Benefit from Google’s Mobile-First Index in San Diego, CA

Even before mobile use first surpassed PC use in 2015, Google was well aware of the growing reliance on smartphones and tablets. The search engine giant has fully embraced device-based searching with its mobile-first index, which was implemented in 2018. Google now considers a website’s responsiveness as an important ranking factor, and this has presented some unique SEO challenges. However, with the right optimization practices, you can keep mobile searchers and Google happy. The search engine optimization specialists at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego SEO agency, share a few tips on how businesses can benefit from Google’s mobile-first index.

Mirror Your Desktop Site

Google recommends having a responsive website that can adjust to whatever screen it’s being viewed on. If you want to have a separate mobile version of your site, make sure the content is the same in each website. The following features should be included in your mobile site:

• Structured data markup (with mobile versions of URLs)
• Mobile switchboard tags
• A server that can handle a larger crawl rate
• The same social metadata

Take Advantage of Expandable Content

When it comes to desktop ranking, Google doesn’t put too much weight on hidden content in tabs, expandable boxes, and accordions. On mobile devices, Google will consider hidden content for ranking purposes.

Factor in Voice Searching

Thanks to the increased usage of virtual assistants like Google Assistant, voice search could soon account for a substantial portion of all online searches. People are more likely to do voice-activated searching while using their various devices. For SEO purposes, voice search could indicate a shift to more conversational keyword choices and location-suggested phrasing, such as “near me.”

Consider Creating a Mobile App

To take full advantage of Google’s mobile-first index, consider designing a mobile app for your business. Developing a mobile app can also boost user experience since many users prefer apps over websites. Mobile apps can also boost your local SEO because they include:

• Geography-specific content
• Settings specific to user preferences
• Mobile app notifications to encourage engagement

See How Google Is Viewing Your Mobile Site

Use Google Search Console’s Fetch and Render tool after you’ve submitted your mobile site. The tool will show you how Google is viewing your website for mobile-first ranking purposes. Using the Fetch and Render tool is also a good way to tell if any important content is missing.

Create a Good Mobile Experience

If you want to increase your conversion rates, you should focus on creating a good mobile experience. After all, even on mobile devices, you still want to get a decent return on your online marketing investment. Some of the steps you can take to boost the user experience for mobile searchers involve:

• Sizing images properly
• Using a readable font size
• Eliminating the need to pinch and zoom
• Creating streamlined checkout processes (on e-commerce sites)
• Avoiding pop-ups (they can be even more distracting on mobile devices)
• Considering the use of AMPs (accelerated mobile pages) that speed up page load time by using minimal HTML

According to some experts, the next big thing could be “AI-first,” which includes interactions with smart appliances and screens that are holograms. Google is already working on ways to use large amounts of data more efficiently with its RankBrain artificial intelligence system. Right now, just keep the focus on mobile and you should be good to go with Google as well as online searchers.

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