7 PPC Strategies to Consider

PPC Tricks And Tactics To Try in San Diego, CA

Pay-per-click advertising has the potential to offer a good return on your investment, since the ads can be highly targeted. In fact, PPC is less intrusive than other approaches to online advertising, which often leads potential customers to be more willing to consider what’s presented or offered. However, if you’re not satisfied with the results you’ve been seeing lately with your paid ads, the San Diego SEO and PPC experts from Saba SEO offer some recommendations for PPC tricks and tactics to try.

1. Block Out Times When Clicks Dip

Use ad scheduling with your PPC ads to do more than just determine when your ads are displayed. Also use this feature to block out certain times when you typically don’t get too many clicks. You can then focus on the more productive times.

2. Improve Ad Copy

Take a look at the copy for your PPC ads. Ensure it’s targeted to the intended audience as effectively as possible. With PPC copy, it can also be helpful to include:

• Clear, compelling content
• Relevant, attention-getting images
• Compelling calls to action

3. Retarget with Some of Your Campaigns

Just because clicks don’t result in conversions after initial ad views doesn’t mean your efforts have failed. Consider devoting some of your PPC budget to retargeting to reach out to the same ad viewers or clickers. More often than not, it’s possible to get better results the second time around with PPC retargeting campaigns.

4. Prepare Mobile-Specific Campaigns

If you’re targeting both desktop and mobile searchers, devote at least some of your campaigns to mobile-specific ads. What this does is increase your odds of reaching on-the-go searchers and shoppers using mobile devices, which typically exposes your ads to a larger pool of potentially interested people.

5. Use/Check Location Settings

It’s not uncommon for location settings for PPC campaigns to be overlooked or not correctly adjusted or updated. When properly set, location parameters ensure your ads are being displayed in relevant geographic regions. Make sure you’re using location settings for all appropriate campaigns. If you already use these settings, double-check that everything is still accurate.

6. Try Multivariate Testing

This is an approach to testing various elements of your website to see what produces the best results for your ads once clickers get to your site. It can be used in conjunction with A/B or split testing to fine-tune ad copy, extensions used, and the appearance of your ad-related landing pages.

7. Enhance Your Ads with Extensions

Extensions are add-ons that provide an extra incentive to click your PPC ads. Do some experimenting to see what extensions give you a boost in results. Google offers a wide range of options to explore, with some of the more common ones including:

• Location extensions
• Call-out extensions
• Review extensions that show customer ratings
• Structured snippet extensions

If you need a focused, results-oriented pay-per-click campaign for your business, reach out to Saba SEO. As one of the premier San Diego marketing companies, we offer high-quality PPC and SEO services, and we have more than fifteen years of experience in digital marketing. Our experts can analyze your target market and create a comprehensive paid marketing campaign to boost your online visibility. To learn about our exceptional PPC services, give us a call today.