Keep an Eye on These PPC Trends in 2020

PPC Trends in 2020 in San Diego, CA

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has the potential to be extremely cost-effective for both large and small businesses. If you’re already sold on the many virtues of PPC, that’s great. However, it’s equally critical to keep an eye on paid advertising trends for 2020. The San Diego SEO and PPC experts from Saba SEO recommend watching the ones discussed below if you want to maintain—or even improve—your return on investment in the coming year.

Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

Google drives more than 90 percent of all paid search clicks via mobile devices, so in 2020, you’ll absolutely want to have landing pages designed with mobile users in mind. Top mobile optimization techniques for landing pages include:

• Fast page load times
• Minimal distractions and clutter
• Clear, concise, easy-to-read headlines
• Clickable phone numbers


The implementation of artificial intelligence and other forms of automation into PPC processes is another one of the big PPC trends to watch in 2020. You’ll need to make an effort to learn more about automated PPC features so you can determine which ones are appropriate for your campaigns and goals.

Blurred Lines between Paid Social and Paid Search

One of the reasons for this recommendation is because the lines between paid social and paid search are no longer clear. For instance, search engines are adopting social targeting techniques, and many social media channels are using keywords on a larger scale.

Better Audience Targeting

To succeed with PPC in 2020, you need to know more than just who your target audience is. It’s going to be even more important to tap into specific touchpoints throughout the customer’s journey. Google is already adopting this trend by adding more audience signals, such as ones for searchers looking for seasonal and event-specific content.

These are just some of the top PPC trends to watch in 2020. Some others worth mentioning include leveraging data from your target audience in a way that still maintains their privacy, focusing conversion rate optimization on customer retention, and exploring paid advertising on alternative platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok.

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