10 Top PPC Trends to Keep Your Eye on in 2020

Top PPC Trends to Keep Your Eye on in 2020 in San Diego, CA

What are the top 10 most important PPC trends to watch in 2020? Over the years, PPC has changed dramatically. The San Diego SEO service and PPC experts from Saba SEO recommend keeping a close eye on the 2020 PPC trends discussed below.

1. Local Keywords

Local keywords can distinguish you from some of your competitors, and these keywords will be cheaper. Don’t forget to include location keywords from areas adjacent to your location.

2. Branded Keywords

Branded keywords are still relevant in 2020. You know who your customers are and what they’re looking for. Finding branded keywords is your key to PPC success.

3. Long-Tail Keywords

Very effective and efficient, specific long-tail keywords are PPC gold. They’ll get the right customers to your site.

4. Negative Keywords

Getting the wrong customers to your site due to overly generic keywords isn’t good for your PPC budget. Pinpoint negative keywords and save money.

5. Data Tracking

GDPR and being open about data tracking are now required. Finding alternative ways to learn more about customers requires transparency and honesty. 

6. Social Media

Consider ways to promote your brand on social media with such platforms as Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest. Know what your customers use, and make sure to maximize those branded keywords.

7. Standing Out

Another big PPC trend is finding different ways to stand out. Whether you’re using design or messaging, finding a way to stand out from competitors will pique the interest of potential customers and convert those PPCs.

8. Marketing Persona

Create a profile of your ideal customer and use it as your inspiration for all your marketing efforts.

9. Infographics

Infographics are a great way to make PPC money last a bit longer. Infographics are informative, tell your message in one image, can easily be shared on social media, and can promote your brand. 

10. Content

Creating valuable content that includes expert information and deep dives into your industry knowledge is a PPC trend to watch in 2020. 

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