Top 8 WordPress SEO Plugins

Top WordPress SEO Plugins in San Diego, CA

Search engine optimization isn’t a one-time thing. You’ll want to keep up with your regular SEO-related tasks if your goal is to reap the most rewards for your marketing efforts. But there are some handy SEO plugins for WordPress (WP), the most popular content management system (CMS), that can help you out. The SEO pros from Saba SEO, a top-tier provider of SEO service San Diego businesses rely on to boost rank and grow revenue, suggest these are eight of the best ones available.

1. Yoast

Yoast is the go-to WordPress SEO plugin. The free version gives you access to tools you can use to add appropriate keywords, meta descriptions, and SEO-infused titles to your posts and pages. You can even ping search engines when you make site updates. Additional features include:

  • An XML sitemap generator
  • Robots.txt and .htaccess editing capabilities
  • A readability and SEO analysis

2. Rank Math

This newer WordPress plugin can help you handle the more technical aspects of SEO. Along with title and meta description assistance, it can also be used to add schema markup to rich snippets, monitor 404 errors, manage your redirects, and find Google crawl errors.

3. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is a Google product that’s appealing because it speeds up access to your content, which is definitely a good thing SEO-wise. This free, easy-to-install plugin can make your site load up to four times faster.

4. All-in-One SEO Pack

Ranking just behind Yoast in terms of popularity, this SEO plugin for WordPress is a good choice if you’re an SEO novice. It gives you instant access to relevant title, page description, and social media information. Google Analytics integration and other perks come with the free version.

5. SEOPress

You can use this WP plugin for some of the technical aspects of SEO as well, but it also lets you analyze and optimize your content via a convenient content analysis box. It shows you things like whether your content has a sufficient word count, and it’ll give you Google keyword suggestions.

6. Ultimate Social Deux

Thanks to features like fast-loading buttons, this mobile-responsive WordPress plugin makes it easy to see how well your social posts are performing. You’ll get 10 custom-styled social media sharing buttons with counters that show you how many shares your articles are getting.

7. Squirrly SEO

SEO research and analysis are what this WP SEO plugin is all about. Install this plugin and you’ll be able to perform an assortment of tasks from your WordPress dashboard. Some of these tasks include:

  • Gathering keyword research info
  • Tracking Google search rankings
  • Managing the usage of your main keywords

8. WP Optimize

This speed-oriented plugin is designed to reduce database clutter so you can keep what’s useful. WP Optimize works by removing things like old content revisions, deleted or unapproved comments, and other data you no longer need, but you can predetermine how many weeks of data you want to keep.

If you use WordPress, these plugins can definitely boost your SEO efforts. For help creating your larger overall SEO strategy, reach out to the experts at Saba SEO, one of the most innovative digital marketing companies in San Diego. We know the key to reaching customers is creating authentic content based on what moves and motivates them. For help with building a long-term SEO strategy that will boost your search rank and create a loyal customer base, call on the professionals at Saba SEO. Reach out to one of our experienced SEO specialists today at 858-277-1717.