How Can Posting on a Regular Basis Increase My Number of Followers?

Your social media marketing goal may be to increase your number of social media followers. Does it really matter how often you post on social media to increase your followers? Is there an ideal number of posts that will help your SEO rank as well? The experienced pros from Saba SEO, the specialists in internet marketing San Diego businesses rely on for superior expertise, explain why you need to post regularly to grow followers.

Brand Awareness

The number one reason to regularly post on social media is to increase your brand awareness. When you post a high-quality video or infographic, your followers will naturally share your posts with their own followers, thus increasing brand awareness.

Brand Loyalty

Customers who follow you on social media learn to identify with your brand when you post more often. Make sure you focus on what your brand is. When you regularly post, you’ll find your customer base becomes more loyal and prone to follow you.

Customer Service

Social media allows you to humanize your business. Responding to questions posed on various social media platforms shows potential customers you care about them. Therefore, always reply to their messages and questions.

Customer Insights

Regularly posting on social media will help you increase your followers as well as give you more insights into those very customers. You learn more about them through their responses to certain posts you make, questions you ask, or content you share.

Conversion Rates

Regular social media posts will help with your conversion rates. Customers will see posts of your latest product and click the link to buy. This is the simplest way to help them shop for your product or services.

SEO Ranking

Did you know your social media posts help your SEO rank higher? The Google bots see these posts as fresh content and will index them as well as displaying them in search results.

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