9 Tools to Use in Your 2020 PPC Campaigns

PPC Tools You Should Use In 2020 in San Diego, CA

Pay-per-click (PPC) doesn’t have to be overwhelming or excessively time-consuming if you use the right tools to optimize your campaigns and manage your PPC activities. Today, the San Diego SEO and PPC experts from Saba SEO spotlight nine tools you should consider using for your PPC-related efforts in 2020.

1. Google/Bing Editor Tools

You’ll definitely want to use the editor tools offered by Google and Bing for your PPC campaigns in 2020. The interfaces are user-friendly and give you access to all the key details and settings you’ll need.

2. Performance Grader

A Google freebie, this tool will give you a comprehensive assessment of your Google Ads account. It’ll clearly show you which areas you need to focus on so you can make the right kinds of adjustments.

3. AdEspresso

If you advertise with Facebook Ads, you should absolutely use this tool in 2020. It’s an ad management and optimization tool you can use to maximize your ROI for your paid Facebook Ads.

4. SEMrush/Google Keyword Planner

Consistently ranked as one of the top keyword research tools, SEMrush will give you access to an assortment of useful keyword data. This information can be used to determine which keywords are right for your various paid campaigns. Google Keyword Planner is a versatile tool that can be used for the same purpose. Keyword Planner also allows you to: 

  • Track keyword performance by specific time periods
  • Get daily budget suggestions
  • Determine how competitive ad placement is for your keywords

5. Google Trends

This tool gives you a snapshot of how frequently certain terms are being searched for on Google at any given time. You’ll get a comparison of your keywords in relation to Google’s overall search volume.

6. Call Tracking Tools

If you use an ad extension to include a phone number for your business with your ads, a call tracking tool will tell you how many calls your ads are generating. CallRail is one of the top tools because it includes Google Ads and Analytics integration. Invoca, Twilio, Ruler Analytics, ResponseTap, and DialogTech are some other tools you can use for this purpose.

7. Google Analytics

Another Google freebie, this tool will give you access to just about everything you’ll need to track the performance of your various PPC campaigns. A premium option is also available for larger businesses with more data to track.

8. Landing Page & Ad Copy Inspiration Tools

Unbounce and Leadpages are among the top recommended tools you can use to create landing pages based on easy-to-use templates. But if you need some help figuring out what to focus on with your ad copy, tools like BuzzSumo and Answer the Public can give you real-time search insights you can use to fine-tune your ad copy.

9. Google Ads Scripts

This tool is a must-have in 2020 if you want to cut down on tedious PPC tasks. In a nutshell, it allows you to automate common procedures with JavaScript. Some of these tasks include: 

  • Fixing capitalization errors in your ad copy
  • Performing monthly budget checks
  • Adding certain keywords as negatives for your dynamic search ads

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