Effective Ways to Prevent Keyword Cannibalization

Best Ways to Prevent Keyword Cannibalization in San Diego, CA

Keyword cannibalization is also known as topic duplication, and it occurs when you repeatedly use the same keywords or topics in more than one post. The longer you’ve had your site, the more common keyword cannibalization is. Topics with duplicate keywords may be repeated more than once. Although cannibalization is sometimes the result of keyword stuffing, creators may unintentionally overuse the exact same keywords in header tags and titles. The result is a sharp decline in the site’s overall Google rankings. The San Diego SEO specialists at Saba SEO share a few tips for preventing keyword cannibalization.

Use New Keywords

Perhaps you started your website years ago and failed to use long-tail keywords or better keywords. Now is your time to go back to the content that has keyword cannibalization and change the keywords. The new keywords cannot be random, and they need to relate to the content on the page.

Create a New Landing Page

Designing a new landing page may be the easiest solution to your keyword cannibalization issue. You have two pages and one is ranking higher. Consider making the highest ranking page a landing page and linking other pages that have keyword cannibalization to this page.

Update Your Website

Sites are usually built before content is created, and problems like keyword cannibalization can occur. By restructuring your site and using your most authoritative pages as landing pages, the other pages can either link to the landing page or be deleted, which prevents keyword cannibalization and gives your site more authority.

Include Noindex Tags

Perhaps you have two separate blog posts that readers find useful, but you don’t want Google to include them in search results. An example includes category pages where there is good information, but not what you want Google to rank. Noindexing is the solution here.

Add Canonical Tags

Unlike noindex tags, canonical tags don’t totally remove the page from Google’s search engine. When two of your pages are competing for the same keyword, creating canonical tags on the less desirable page can help the other page rank higher. By using canonical tags, you can help Google determine which page is more important.

One of the best ways to prevent keyword cannibalization is to identify repetitive keywords and replace them with new ones. If you need help creating fresh, unique, and high-quality content or rewriting existing content, get in touch with Saba SEO. We are a leading digital marketing agency that offers SEM, PPC, and SEO in San Diego. Our experts can identify existing issues with your online content and generate new content that is sure to boost your online visibility and search engine ranking. To talk to one of our professional SEO experts, give us a call at 858-277-1717 today.