What Can You Do to Protect Your Website from the Growing Number of Hacks?

Protect Your Website from Hackers in San Diego, CA

Hackers are invisible predators intent on stealing customers’ and businesses’ information from any vulnerable website. Unfortunately, as fast as new security procedures and software are being developed, hackers are not far behind in their ability to gain access to websites. However, as a trusted SEO agency in San Diego, we understand that a functional, well-designed website is essential to every thriving business, and these five tips can help prevent easy access to your website’s information.

1. Update Immediately

Although it is easy to dismiss update messages in the middle of the workday or delay implementing them until a more convenient time, immediately proceeding with the updates is essential for keeping information safe. Some updates are security updates and fix security vulnerabilities. Hackers are fast, it takes only hours to sort through thousands of websites looking for vulnerabilities. By updating your software promptly, you ensure that you have the latest protection available for your website.

2. Reduce or Eliminate File Uploads

Never allow users to upload files directly to your website. File uploads are one of the easiest ways into your system no matter how thoroughly they are inspected by the security procedures in place. Instead of allowing direct access to your files or the ability to upload files, store files out of the root directory. You can then use a script to access them when you need to.

3. Use SSL

Websites enable a fast and effective transfer of information from the client to the business. No more jotting names, phone numbers, and addresses down on sticky notes necessary. However, customer’s personal information can be stolen as it transfers from the website to your database. Using an encrypted SSL protocol will protect this information as it is being transferred.

4. Install a WAF

Web application firewalls are one of the best ways to block hackers and bots. The WAF acts as a barrier between your website server and the data connection. It scans every piece of data that goes through it. The easiest way to install a web application firewall is to pay a small fee for a cloud-based subscription service.

5. Stay Up to Date

Knowledge is power. Stay up to date on the latest news in the hacking world. If you know what hackers can do then you can take steps to prevent it. This is especially critical because the pace of technology development is so rapid.

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