Questions to Ask Your Future Online Marketing Team

Questions for Prospective Marketing Teams

When you are hiring an online marketing firm in San Diego, you should do your research ahead of time so you can be sure that you are getting the services and support that you need. While you certainly need to know the company’s basic services and rates, there are some questions that often go unasked that are important to determine a firm’s legitimacy and fit for you.

What Tools Do You Use to Track Progress?

This question will give you some insight into what your online market team will do with regards to analytics, but it will also demonstrate their credibility. If the firm gives vague details or cannot give you a clear answer, it’s a good assumption that they are not a valid company. A credible company will explain their analytics tool, how they determine success, and when they’ll provide reports to update you on the progress.

How Quickly Will my Website’s SEO Improve?

If you are working with an online marketing company and are interested in SEO services, asking this question is a test to determine a firm’s trustworthiness and credibility. If the SEO team states that they will greatly improve your website rank within a few days or even a couple weeks, you should be skeptical. Most search engine algorithms do not allow websites to improve rank in this short amount of time, so it is likely that answers like this are pure sales talk. A credible San Diego SEO firm will set a month by month timeline of their goals to improve your SEO.

Can I See Some Examples of Your Work?

One of the best indicators of an effective online marketing firm is an example of previous work. If your potential online marketing team can show you cases of how they expanded a website’s traffic by over 50% in less than three months (or another figure within a reasonable time frame), you can bet that they have a top-quality system of optimizing your website. You should also pay attention to the kind of website that they worked on. Internet users react to various kinds of websites differently, so the same results should not necessarily be expected all the time.

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