How Will RankBrain’s Artificial Intelligence Continue to Affect SEO in 2017?

Effects of RankBrain 2017 in San Diego, CA

San Diego marketing companies and website owners have been diligently tracking the effects of algorithm updates for years. However, efforts to stay ahead of updates and the penalties and setbacks these might entail have become far more complicated than anyone could have ever imagined. Google’s learning machine RankBrain has played a significant role in determining where sites will end up on search engine results pages, and it continues to do so in 2017.

What RankBrain Is

Artificial intelligence sounds a lot like something out of a science fiction movie, and many people still have a hard time believing this incredibly advanced technology exists. What’s truly mind-blowing about RankBrain is that it is impossible to define. RankBrain expands its knowledge and capabilities every time a new Google search is run. What RankBrain knows today is far more than it knew yesterday, and every new day filled with billions of Google searches only enhances its overall functionality.

How RankBrain Affects Your Website

RankBrain has the ability to match keywords with relevant synonyms. For instance, if a web user types “how can I find a good local plumber,” RankBrain can pull both exact matches and websites with content that reads, for instance, “how to find a reputable plumbing professional.” This increases both the number and the quality of results people receive. For site owners, it also means the days of scrapping and repurposing content are officially over. Never before has it been more important to source or craft content that is entirely unique. Unlike when the Google algorithm is used as a standalone mechanism for determining page rank, RankBrain spots duplicate content and redundant ideas like no other.

Black Hat SEO Is Soon to Be a Thing of the Past

One of Google’s primary goals with RankBrain has been to eliminate black hat SEO, which means site owners who have not done so already need to move away from solely using web and niche directories to build their link profiles. Purchasing social media fans and likes should also be done away with. If a campaign or the strategies it entails are not aimed at providing web users with value, these things will be penalized.

Why You Should Move Away from Using Automated SEO Processes

Many low-quality SEO services use nothing but automated SEO tools. In fact, the worst of these are using SEO tools as “set it and forget it” solutions. You need to have an automated tracking process in place because it is the only way to know for sure whether or not your investments are working for you. However, with AI playing an ever-increasing role in determining how your page ranks, you need the benefit of hands-on SEO services. San Diego SEO professionals are constantly working to stay ahead of what’s projected to be a series of unprecedented changes in the SEO game.

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