What Are the Benefits of Running Responsive Display Ads?

Benefits of Running Responsive Display Ads in San Diego, CA

Responsive display ads (RDAs) are so named because they automatically adjust to the size, format, and appearance necessary to fit within available ad spaces. Rolled out in 2018, it’s a type of Google ad that combines elements of machine learning to boost the effectiveness of your display ads. If you haven’t yet seriously thought about ads of this nature, the experts at Saba SEO, an industry-leading San Diego SEO company, explain why you should consider running responsive display ads.

RDAs Are Fast & Efficient

If you normally run a bunch of display ads at once, it can be a time-consuming process to adjust image sizes and make other necessary adjustments to make sure ads are properly sized and displayed. RDAs take care of all these tasks for you, which makes it much easier to prepare, run, and manage display ads.

RDAs Amplify Your Message

Instead of carefully preparing a small number of display ads specifically designed to fit certain spaces, you can produce highly adaptable RDAs, which gives you the opportunity to get your message out to a broader audience. Plus, Google’s machine learning models automatically determine which headlines will likely work with which ads, allowing you to further boost the effectiveness of your brand’s message with your target audience.

Tip: Consider keeping RDAs in a separate group from other image-based ads you’re running to avoid unexpected spikes in your ad spending.

RDAs Offer Some Appealing Options & Features

Not surprisingly, Google has added some additional RDA features since these ads first launched. These features are intended to allow you to add video elements and track how your responsive display ads are performing. The new features include:

• Video Assets – Video elements won’t be right for every RDA, but it can be an effective way to encourage engagement when used appropriately.

• Combinations Tab – Located under “View Asset Details,” this tab will show which combinations of images, text, video, and other ad elements are working best for you.

• Ad Scorecard – This feature gives each ad a score that includes a grade for ad strength and suggestions about steps you can take to improve your score for that particular ad.

Responsive display ads are also appealing because they can be inserted into just about any ad space. Ultimately, this allows you to be more creative with your ads and how you present your intended message. With RDAs, Google allows advertisers to upload 15 images, 5 videos, and 5 logos and descriptions. You also get to include a handful of descriptions along with five short headlines and one long one.

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