Changes to Facebook Ads in 2022

How Facebook Ads Are Evolving In 2022 in San Diego, CA

Meta—the company that runs the Facebook platform—has made some recent changes that could affect advertising via the platform going forward. Some others are in the works and poised to debut sometime in the near future. The San Diego SEO and social media marketing experts at Saba SEO explain how Facebook ads are evolving in 2022 as you explore your options with marketing and advertising on this platform.

Personally Sensitive Categories Eliminated

In January, Facebook officially removed four main categories from its ad options. The decision was made to ease concerns the company wanted to address about certain information of a sensitive nature. Specifically, this change affects four categories that are now eliminated in relation to:

• Health causes
• Sexual orientation
• Religious practices and groups
• Political beliefs

Note: Some niche categories of a similar nature that were rarely used have been removed as well.

The New Meta Advantage Suite

The automated ad products available from Facebook are being put together in the new Meta Advantage Suite. With this new feature, you’ll have two product groups to use. With the Advantage group of products, campaign components previously done manually can be automated, while Advantage+ allows for full automation, from campaign setup to placement.

New Brand Safety Updates

The purpose of these updates, which Facebook has been rolling out over the past few years already, is to improve the way advertiser content appears when it’s distributed and placed via the platform. The latest brand safety updates in the works at the moment include:

• Ad/feed verification – This update will verify the suitability of content in feeds in relation to ads.
• Feed controls – This update will provide feed controls for businesses to reduce issues with ads appearing alongside content that doesn’t align with an advertiser’s core values.

This is just part of what’s been happening lately with Facebook ads and what the platform reportedly has in the works for 2022 and beyond. For instance, Meta is already testing Facebook Reels Overlay Ads on a global level and doing monetization testing for Reels. As technology continues to evolve and the nature of ads changes and improves, it’s best to keep an eye on how platforms like Facebook are responding and adapting if social media is part of your digital marketing strategy.

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